Sunday, 30 October 2011


How time flies! I have been working hard, with several exhibitions, painting and restoring frescoes, guiding, enjoying visitors and teaching in this wonderful spot. I have also dedicated a lot of my time to the Legato Exhibition which I set up last year (2010)  as a peace initiative, starting with commemorations of the Battle of Cassino.

Here is my 2012 watercolour for Legato:

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Happy painting


My watercolours in Legato: They Were Only Boys: 1944-2010

Unexploded bombs lie in the hills around Cassino. It is time to demand that someone do something about it. I hope that my paintings highlight the problem and bring some action to clear away the dangers.

Italian civilians looking for safe refuge.

Below are some of the acrylics and oils that have led me off the watercolour path for a while... painting on canvas is sometimes necessary in this land of stone buildings that can be too damp for watercolour works in the winter.

This view is "just around the corner" from my studio.
The village from down in the valley.
Another view of the ruins from afar.
Commissioned for over a fireplace.

And this one was just for fun!